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Applying Ancient Wisdom To Everyday Life

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“Geomancy…{is}  the science of putting human habitat and activities into harmony with the visible and invisible world.”
Nigel Pinnick – Ancient Science of Geomancy

Though today many people have never heard of Geomancy, the ancient practice was once a universal concept, and practiced extensively throughout the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

“.. vestiges of [Geomancy] remain in the landscape, architecture, ritual and folklore of almost all countries of the world.” (Pinnick)

Today’s latest scientific advances in quantum physics are confirming what ancient mystics have always proposed –  everything in our world is a form of energy vibrating at differing frequencies.  We now know that there are energetic grids which form and effect the physical earth. The inherent earth energies that are carried through the grids are vital for our health and well-being.  They impact our environment and emotions and can affect our relationships and business pursuits.

The energy lines in these grids – sometimes referred to as ley lines – can become misaligned, unbalanced, and clogged.  Health-related issues can be caused by earth energetics that are resonating at frequencies which are not compatible with the human body. Energetic disruptions can also cause distortions in the field which impair the natural flow of possibilities in that location.

The practice of Geomancy involves realignment and rebalancing of earth energetic grids in specific locations.  The process involves several techniques, including connecting intuitively with the energetic dynamics and interacting with the grid energetics to remove blockages and restore the natural energy flow.

Geomancers have the skills and experience to perform these realignments for optimum benefit.

What does a Geomancer do?

A geomancer can clear, realign, reset and recharge earth energy fields within a localized area, improving the balance so that people may live and work in harmony with their home and work environments. In essence, a newly rebalanced and aligned energetic grid becomes available.  The new energy flow creates new possibilities, which, according to the universal law of creation, resolve to a higher, more useful outcome.

People from all walks of life have chosen the geomancy experience as a way to enhance their lives. One of most gratifying parts of the Geomancy work is seeing how the environment and lives of my clients can improve.  (Please see the References section for personal accounts from a few of my clients.)

If you have been drawn to this site, it is likely that there is some situation that would benefit from the geomancy work.  My clients have requested my help with many varied and diverse situations, such as:

  • Real estate transactions including assistance with relocation of home or business.
  • Removing creative blocks
  • Interpersonal relationship healing
  • Animal healing
  • Improving machine function
  • Enhancing office/retail environments
  • Creating harmonious home environments
  • Issues with vehicles (yes! geomancy can help!).

My clients have found Geomancy very useful not only for their homes, but also for commercial/business situations. Any type of business can benefit, especially for

  • new businesses
  • relocation
  • business growth/cash flow
  • major changes

Each situation is unique and is directly influenced by the choices people make in their life. Therefore, the possibilities for positive change in any aspect of a person’s life might be realized when supported by a geomancy consultation.  I encourage you to be open to new possibilities and seek a new energetic pattern by collaborating with me on a Geomancy Consultation.

The way I work with geomancy is an intuitive process, therefore I am able to work off site. Working at this level enables me to be present with your energetic wherever you are located and saves us both time, travel and expense.  Any environment (urban, suburban, etc.) is suitable for geomancy as life is always seeking balance.