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When a very trusted and close friend of mine recommended Richard to me, I called him right away.
What I wasn’t expecting was the intuitive insight and genuineness that comes along with the amazing gifts he has to offer.
My situation was a bit unique for him as I was wanting help with some property that I don’t own currently. The ideas he had and gifted insight to how to custom create a service for my situation was exciting and transformative. Shortly thereafter, Richard called me and said he was done working on my project, it felt as if the flood gates opened and clients began calling me and I was given very clear direction and ideas on how to proceed with things. Not only did things seem to begin to move quickly, many new friendships were made out of the new clients contacting me, which was an added gift and bonus.
I truly didn’t know what to expect with Richard’s services and decided to trust my intuitiveness that his services were needed with where I was at in my journey and could not have been more impressed or happy with the results. Richard also upheld his end of the bargain by following up with me in the timeframe we decided upon and truly gave his all to my project. Thank you Richard and many blessings!

Angela H. Seabrook,Tx

“I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to use Richard Baldauf’s services. Over the past 13 years, I have called upon him for help, three different times and situations. Each one was done over the phone and I was always amazed by Richard’s keen insight to the problem at hand. All the results were always very positive for me, well worth the money.

The last service I had done, had amazing results for my whole family. The house/land we have had for several years had a very strong negative energy. We found out it was built on a Indian burial ground. We were always surrounded by very negative neighbors, family members and occurrences. Which greatly inhibited our personal growth with family, friends and business. When Richard completed his work, he said he cleansed the land and everyone that was negative would not feel comfortable on our land any more. Which he said they would not come around any more and cause trouble. This result was to good to be true but it happened almost immediately. People that had always been around constantly dumping their negativity, announced they were going else where. Truly a gift from God.

Since then it feels as if a dark cloud has been lifted from our lives .We are more positive, loving and caring as a family. Our lives are more productive with our other family members , friends and business.  Because of Richard’s amazing gift, after 10+ years, I can finally say this house/land that I have always disliked/hated, happily feels like HOME.

Thanks so much, Richard, for our positive life changing experience.”

Marguerite, GA, USA

“Dear Richard, I want to thank you for the wonderful service you provided for me and my office. Both spaces seemed chaotic to everyone that entered. I wanted a balanced, peaceful home that lent itself to relaxation and creative thought. My office is an interior design studio and tends to be in a state of upheaval at all times since we normally have between seventy and eighty jobs in the works at all times. I desperately needed a place to escape the craziness. After we spoke and you worked on my home and office, balance returned to my life. My home is now the “happy home” that I always dreamed of having. I love being in the space and my friends and family say that it is warm and welcoming. Everyone feels at home at my house now! This is a vast difference from the previous impression that my guests experienced. My family and friends never felt comfortable or welcome when they visited and they couldn’t get away quickly enough. My business has blossomed and grown since you untangled the energy that surrounded my office. Opportunities seem to be coming from everywhere. I just finished filming an episode of ‘Trading Spaces’ for TLC and also won HGTV’s ‘Designers’ Challenge.”

Francie Prince, ASID, President
Prince Associates, Inc.

“I have known Richard both personally and professionally for many years. He has conducted energy clearing in my office. There has been a noticeable difference in the overall atmosphere. Our building has been calmer, less hectic and more peaceful. The energy clearing in my home was noticeable to me and others who were sensitive to the effects of energy. My experience with Richard is that he is demonstrated skills that are insightful, comprehensive and very easy to work with, in that he is also informative and very supportive. He is ethical and conscientious about following up after he’s completed his work in order to make sure his clients are satisfied. I would be happy to speak with anyone interested in his services.”

Bonnie Snyder

“I was working in a corporate job in New York when I first contacted Richard. I had recently bought a weekend home, which I had hoped to be my dream home. But when my family was in the house, things just didn’t seem right. Our family was very harmonious in our full time residence, but there was discord at the weekend house. I didn’t know what to do, so I did an internet search on “feng shui.” When I saw Richard’s picture, something in my gut told me to contact him. When we spoke, I felt I had found someone who really understood my situation. I found Richard to be an incredible listener and communicator. After we spoke, I told him I would think about retaining his services. But I was a skeptic. Doubts flooded my thoughts: “What the heck is geomancy”… “Is this a scam?”…”How can someone intuitively work with earth energies?” “What would my friends say about this?” I continued to be hesitant, and problems at the house continued. Finally I overcame my fears and engaged Richard for a geomancy assignment. I was amazed with what Richard came up with! His reading of the land and the energies of the house were astounding. His insights were right on. He told me what he had discerned and how he had realigned certain elements. Even though I was a “doubting Thomas” from the beginning, I had to admit that I felt an immediate difference in the house. More importantly, my kids were suddenly enjoying the space more and our family was back to having a good time together. I don’t know how all of this geomancy stuff works and am still somewhat confused by the whole concept. But I have put all those fears and doubts aside. Since that first assignment, I have always consulted Richard on all of my real estate endeavors, which have subsequently included some substantial commercial projects. I wholeheartedly recommend Richard to anyone who is considering his services. He is a man of integrity, depth, and passion. He has a unique gift. If you have been drawn to this site you owe it to yourself to try out a consultation.”

Chris Dover New York, NY

“Richard has done work for me several times over the last few years. Most important was the work he did for me after the three major hurricanes were came into Orlando late summer of 2004. My property and my entire neighborhood was devastated by the first storm. My entire environment was disrupted. With Richard’s help, it was put right again. Richards caring, thoughtful attention to his clients is unwavering. I feel fortunate to have him in my life.”

Ellen Johnson Brighthouse Networks Florida

“Richard is able to “see” the land and clear misaligned energies. He changed the direction of a land portal that was causing a skin and hair illness and weakness in the animals and people living on the property. Seeing in a bed of arsenic from the old mining days around the 49er area in California, Richard directed the energy to clean the water and reverse the portal. The horses and owners got well and the land is now fruitful. Without a doubt, the services are necessary in any instance where, animals and people are sick. He has also worked on some of our personal clients with great results.”

Bob and Triha B. Sedona, Az.

“Well I have known Richard for many years. From the very start, I noticed that Richard carried a vibrant aura as well as a charming personality people immediately responded to when first meeting him. Clearly Richards expertise lies in energetic cleaning, setting up energy spaces and energetic healing of people as well. He has also impressed upon me his skill by energetically clean my house. Immediately after cleaning it my house felt better. It was sold two months later. I have no doubt in my mind of his impeccable ability to do the work he does.”

Rachel Romanelli Missoula, MT

“When I first contacted him, I was skeptical that he could accomplish his work without being on site, however he has proved to me over and over this is not the case. On the personal level, Richard has helped me with my own creative work. I was at a standstill for months and could not move ahead with what I needed to do. When I called Richard to talk about it, he said he would work on the problem, and a few days later, I began to notice new ideas and solutions were available and I was working again. And at a peak productivity level; I could mention other examples. There are many people who claim to be able to do this work, however,  I have found Richard to be at the top of the list of those who actually perform the service.”

Steve Cosimano Indian Ledge, New Scotland, NY

“I knew Richard when he was referred to me to eradicate a rat infestation in my home. The dilemma was all conventional remedies, including exterminators, trappers, and every solution we could research had no effect. Inhabiting our home, these rodents caused destruction to walls, furniture, etc. Richard focused in on our problem. He felt certain that the grids surrounding the house were out of alignment and that the negative energy pervaded both in and around our house, attracting the rats. Richard informed us that he would convert the negative energy. He then proceeded to instruct us in a positive direction and asked us to release all negative feelings. We were then asked to open our basement door and trust that the rats would be eager to leave. Despite some doubt, we did as he instructed and to our total amazement, the rodents left and never returned. Although we could not understand the technique, we applaud it’s efficiency. Richards talents achieved a result no scientific method could. Should we ever experience another situation such as this, we would not hesitate to embrace Richard’ expertise.”

Ann S. Altamont, NY

“Richard does extraordinary work that is deeply subtle, with very obvious results if you look for them. I was led to Richard and his website through synchronicity. Richard does the geomancy, which made me think of a dowser with a stick trying to find water. The extent of the earth energetic work he does is much wider than that. He does not have to walk your land to do geomancy. Richard word has allowed me to walk through major life transitions with grace and ease. I felt a change right after he worked with geomancy for me. He also communicated to me very specific information about how my energy operates, who I am, and the unique way I ground my energy. Anyone would benefit by consulting Richard and a few examples would be: if you are feeling stressful around or in your home or work space, considering a move or building a home, or surfing planet as an environmental art project or conscious builder, I would highly recommend using Richard’s services.”

Patti Greco Professional Intuitive, Mass.