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Intuitive Numerology Readings

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Is a Numerology reading for you?

Are you willing to embrace the truth of any situation? Do you want to know and bring forth your real being?

If you’re looking for clarity, Numerology can provide guidance that transcends the typical answers. Numerology, like astrology, is an ancient form of divination. Information can be accessed that can be very helpful and useful to you. Our lives are often complex and sometimes it is helpful to have an objective point of view.

If you’re looking for truth, I will always do my best to be of service. I am able to see how things, in the various circumstances in your life, come together and to suggest, if you want, how you might affect change if you so desire.

Being able to see more of the whole may bring understanding and incentive for change, if change is desired. You can know that I will always do my best to give you accurate and informative information. Know that no one is 100% accurate all the time. And no one has the answers to everything all the time.

Why do I use Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient art and science. I have used numerology for many years as it resonates strongly with me. I use this form in a way in which I feel thru the numbers and interpret for you what is flowing thru your numbers.

There are many different forms which intuitives can use as aids in bringing forth information. Every form has value to the person who is using it. Any form, in and of itself, does not determine the information and quality of a reading. It is how the reader understands and interprets the knowledge gleaned thru the form that makes the difference.

I have the intention to give you whatever help, assistance and guidance I am able to impart.

What is the fee for a numerology reading?

The fee is $100 for 1 hour prepaid thru Paypal.