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Throughout my life, I have always felta strong attunement with the natural world. I grew up in a country environment in northeastern NY state, raised farm animals and had other responsibilities related to maintaining 15 acres of land. My parents took me and my siblings camping, hiking and did other types of outdoor activities.

My parents exposed their children to different forms of the arts and sciences. I also met many people from other countries starting at an early age. I consider this invaluable as I learned early on that no matter how different we are, we still have our common humanity.

In the late 80’s, I was hiking a friend’s 300 acre land in N.E. Pennslyvania when I started to discover the earth energy characteristics of the land. I had not known what the geomancy earth energies were until I was walking this land and felt the energetic flows and began to tie into the information I intuitively knew was available. Shortly afterwards, I heard the term “ley lines” and geomancy. While I had not heard the term ley line before in my life (commonly used words to describe the earth energetic grids), I intuitively knew what the term meant as this type of knowledge is really universal. Over the next number of years, I continued to explore the geomancy of different physical environments and found I could see and feel the geomancy earth energies at any distance and did not have be on site to do so.

In the mid 90’s, I came across feng shui, which is also about earth energetic flows and how shifting the physical environment inside of buildings and the landscape outside would align the places with the earth grids to create more harmonious and peaceful environments. This is another way of aligning earth energies with the geomancy grids.

I have worked with many clients over the years and am very gratified to see how people lives have improved and deepened with the assistance of my work.

One client says:

“My experience with Richard is that he has demonstrated skills that are insightful, comprehensive and very easy to work with, in that he is also informative and very supportive. He is ethical and conscientious about following up after he’s completed his work in order to make sure his clients are satisfied.”

(See more client feedback in the References section.)

I have 20+years of experience doing my consulting work.

I have worked for various companies and learned some important business skills. I was self employed in landscaping and I have a background in psychology and counseling. I also have training in Reiki and other types of alternative healing work.  I obtained a B.A. degree in communication studies from Hope College.

How we integrate our spiritual knowing of any kind into everday life is of ongoing interest to me.  The services I offer are the work of my heart.